Formal Methods Applied to Industrial Complex Systems

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Jean-Louis Boulanger, Formal Methods Applied to Industrial Complex Systems  
English | ISBN: 1848217099 | 2014 | 496 pages | PDF | 9 MB  
This book presents real-world examples of formal techniques inan industrial context. It covers formal methods such as SCADEand/or the B Method, in various fields such as railways, aeronautics, and the automotive industry. The purpose of this bookis to present a summary of experience on the use of formalmethods (based on formal techniques such as proof, abstractinterpretation and model-checking) in industrial examples ofcomplex systems, based on the experience of people currentlyinvolved in the creation and assessment of safety critical systemsoftware. The involvement of people from within the industry allowsthe authors to avoid the usual confidentiality problems which canarise and thus enables them to supply new useful information(photos, architecture plans, real examples, etc.).The authors cover the following topics: an example of use ofSCADE, constraint solving in B, validation of Petri Nets-basedautomated rail safety, data validation, etc.


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