Maxidix IP Switcher 15.3.15 Build 620

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Maxidix IP Switcher 15.3.15 Build 620
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IP Switcher is a simple and effective tool that makes changing of IP settings easy and quick as never before. You don’t need anymore to spend your time on endless changing of network settings everytime when you connect to a new network. With Maxidix IP Switcher you will be able to create a set of the required IP profiles with network settings and switch between them in a single click. Maxidix IP Switcher allows to create any number of IP profiles for any type of network adapter. Whats New:
Vietnamese translation added (thanks to Minh Quân Hứa)
Arabian translation added (thanks to Tahramni)
Touch screen friendly interface
Touch screen features: optional On-Screen Keyboard, Custom Interface Scaling
Updated program interface
Bug fixes reported by our customersHomepage


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