Portable AllDup 4.4.3

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Portable AllDup 4.4.3
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AllDup is a duplicate remover that comprises a fast searching algorithm and a straightforward interface that should make everything a breeze for rookies and professional users alike. There are plenty of options to play with and that’s exactly the ace up its sleeve: users are allowed to fully customize the duplicate finding process and manage the results just the way they want it. The program’s GUI is plain and intuitive, with all search options displayed right in the main window. You can select not only the source folders or drives, but also the search criteria and thus search for name, extension, size, creation date, attributes or content. What’s more, you can ignore defined characters and time stamp, ID3 tags of MP3 files, EXIF of JPEG and even compare a data block at the end of a file. More search options are available in a separate screen and enable the app to scan the content of archive files too, ignore 0-byte folders, exclude files by size and set up file and folder filters. The scanning process doesn’t take too much time, but the results screen is the one that may scare away beginners. As compared to the main window of the app, this one is less intuitive and users are assaulted with plenty of buttons. Although it’s hard to figure out where to start, small tooltips appear as you move the mouse cursor over each icon, while the same window groups similar files and shows info such as file name without extension, path, duplicate number, size and last modified date. A preview panel is also available, which is indeed helpful if you wish to analyze two items, while results can be exported to TXT or CSV. Overall, it’s pretty clear that AllDup is indeed a top product and with some minor improvements here and there, it could easily become one of the leaders of this particular software category.
Features: List non-duplicate files
Entire folders or individual files can be excluded the search by masks or size conditions
The built-in file viewer allows you to preview many different file formats and analyze the content of the file before deciding what to do with it
Search for hard links
Find duplicates with a combination of the following criteria: file content, file name, file extension, file dates and file attributes
Create shortcuts or hardlinks to the last original file
Export the search result to TXT or CSV file
Convenient search result list
The unnecessary duplicates can be deleted permanently or copied/moved to a folder of your choice
Detailed log file about all actions
Search for duplicates of music and video files
Search through an unlimited number of files and folders
Search for duplicates of executable and any other files
For your safety all files that have to be deleted can be moved to the Recycle Bin or a separate backup folder
Fast search algorithm
Save and restore the search result for continue working later
Ignore the ID3 tags of MP3 files
Search is performed in multiple specified folders, drives, media storages, CD/DVDs…
Search for duplicates of digital photo files
Many flexible options helps you to select unnecessary duplicates automaticallyWhats New:UPD: The chinese translation of the user interface has been updated.
UPD: The russian translation of the user interface has been updated.
UPD: The slovenian translation of the user interface has been updated.
FIX: Various optimizations have been introduced in various sections of AllDup. Various bugs have been fixed.



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